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As its name suggests, it is a communication strategy that plays with the user’s location to personalize the message , in order to achieve a specific KPI. To do this, it also relies on experiential marketing . In this way, it allows the user to be impacted at the right time and in the right place , optimizing the effectiveness of the action. That has been the definition that Gadea Rodríguez has given us in his talk in the Master in Digital Marketing. But, in addition, proximity marketing must also meet a series of essential characteristics.

What are the characteristics of proximity marketing? Proximity : Proximity marketing makes it possible to generate greater brand trust . We can approach our potential client in a softer way, without being perceived as invaders. Speed : or also immediacy. The message reaches the Sweden phone number immediately, when he is in a specific place or time, increasing its effectiveness. Personalization : proximity marketing allows you to fully personalize messages. On the target they are addressed to. Main tools for proximity marketing Now,

If We Think Of Playing Sweden Phone Number The User’s Location

Geolocation immediately comes to mind and, with it, the mobile device , that great infiltrator in our lives with the ability to monitor us almost completely 24 hours a day. But it hasn’t always been that way. Looking back, we find other more rudimentary forms of proximity marketing that are still today and are still effective. Two of the best known examples are outdoor advertising (OOH or “ Out of Home ”) and “ proximity leafles ”, that is, the sales brochures so typical of supermarkets.

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Although it is true that they still exist, technological evolution has led to the creation of variants of these tools. OOH , for example, has evolved into DOOH ( or “ Digital Out Of Home ”). While the former uses traditional formats such as billboards , the latter uses electronic platforms such as LED screens . However, despite being quite effective among consumers, it is necessary to take great care of the quality of the content that we offer in our message. Led screen Source:

In The Case Of The  Sweden Phone Number  Leafles

what has happened is that, like newspapers, they. The brochure format has moved to mobile and now we no longer turn pages , we slide our finger across the screen to go to the next page. However, not only has there been an evolution in traditional tools, but also, over time. New technologies. That have led to the appearance of new formats . From the almost disappeared SMS to beacons , proximity marketing offers ever greater innovation and variety of possibilities ,

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