Launches the New Logistics Subsidiary

In the summer of 2021, El Corte Inglés founded the subsidiary Jordan WhatsApp Number List  El Corte Inglés Advanced Logistics . However, it is now that it is beginning to make a move in this strategy that seeks to reach the logistics sector. It has done so with the transfer of assets to this division, including 3,500 employees who are part of the group’s workforce and specialized in this area. As stated by the company, the working conditions of these workers are not going to change . “All the affected personnel will maintain the same conditions, exactly, that they have until now,” affirms the Trade Union Commission of El Corte Inglés, with CC.OO., Fasga, Fetico and UGT. As of March Jordan WhatsApp Number List 1, the warehouse staff will become part of this subsidiary with the same contracts, hours, agreements and vacations .

With the Transfer of 3,500 Employees

“In addition, they will continue to belong to the same Jordan WhatsApp Number List group of companies, with the guarantee of being a new project with great expectations and of being participants in the creation of a new company, which is looking for a market outside, to grow within the group”, they continue explaining . “This new autonomous business unit will go from providing a service exclusively to El Corte Inglés, to competing with large operators in the sector,” they say in the same letter. The objective of this new subsidiary is to grow in the field of logistics and offer services to third parties. The unions have stressed that there are “great expectations” about this Jordan WhatsApp Number List project.  All this serves, at the same time, to reinforce the omnichannel strategy for which the group was strongly committe in the midst of the pandemic.

Its Omnichannel Strategy With This Subsidiary

This led the company to continue its positive trend Jordan WhatsApp Number List in 2021 , as sales increased by 25% last year. Retail sales, on the other hand, reached 5,418 million euros. In general, one of the milestones achiev  the firm during the semesters of 2021 was to move towards a unique ecosystem, with retail as the central axis.  Services can  found. Activision Blizzard has almost 400 million monthly users at its side and some of the most popular video games in the world are part of its portfolio, many Jordan WhatsApp Number List of which are excellently positioned to generate money hand over fist in the metaverse. “Gaming is today the most dynamic and exciting category in the entertainment universe on all platforms and will play a key role in the evolution of metaverse-focused platforms ,” ​​said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

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