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Many politicians and top officials are guilty of this. “I don’t have Mayotte Business Email List an active memory of that” is just an unnecessarily difficult sentence. Good example is good to follow The problem? If ‘the management’ of the Netherlands does not use normal language, can that management require employees to communicate at B1 language level ? Good example, does well to follow. It works the Mayotte Business Email List same the other way around. So on to the 9.0 for government texts. Here are my tips to make it easier. No difficult words.

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There is never a reason to use a difficult word when Mayotte Business Email List there is an easier alternative. There is such an easy alternative for almost all words. The same goes for old Dutch words, such as ‘trestle’. Do not. The website remains great. Difficult word in it. Easy word out. Definitely use if you are unsure whether your word is really B1. 2. No Imagery “That is the Mayotte Business Email List mirror that the adults of tomorrow hold up to the adults of today”. A beautiful, poetic sentence, from the previous Speech from the Throne.

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Only if you analyze it very well, you understand Mayotte Business Email List the content. But that is not possible with the Speech from the Throne. The king is already busy with the next sentence. If your text needs to be clear and understandable, the rule is simple: no imagery. And if you do use it, make sure that the image really makes your text easier. You can see how not to do it Mayotte Business Email List in this brilliant item from Zondag met Lubach.  Short sentences Keep sentences short. For example, web texts are becoming shorter and shorter.

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