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But by synchronizing user IDs , trackers are still Lesotho Email List able to exchange user data. This plays a major role in enriching data between platforms and remarketing visitors. First party data from DMPs ( data management platforms ) can still sharp with 3rd party DSPs with cookie syncing. DSPs and SSPs use this technique a lot, especially for better Lesotho Email List retargeting. DSPs, DMPs and SSPs synchronize common user IDs with each other whenever a cookie is load.

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The Age of Influence

This happens in real time. User data is then periodically Lesotho Email List exchang between these systems. This is done outside of the browser and server-to-server. The common user IDs enable the systems to share personal and interest data with each other. Because a Lesotho Email List DSP can recognize the ad space and user ID that the SSP offers, a successful remarketing message can be offered (this is done via an Ad Exchange ). All because of the common user ID generated by cookie syncing.

The Power of Influencers

As a result, remarketing between external adtech Lesotho Email List platforms is still possible. Due to the operation of cookie syncing, it is practically impossible for the visitor to check which parties are going to use his data. Schematic operation of cookie syncing. The sync Lesotho Email List request synchronizes the user IDs between platforms aka piggybacking. An example of cookie syncing To show the scale of cookie syncing, I show you an example of news website below.

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