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So suddenly an angry coach or a joke should be allow! Tips for Finland Business Email List the voice over of e-learning. Image from Dane Scott . In addition, the message naturally stands or falls with the script that the voice-over records. This should read in a way that students feel that the person behind the voice is a friendly and approachable expert. Therefore, try to keep the voice in the present tense and active . Active voice sentences clearly identify an action and who is performing it, and are Finland Business Email List much more direct than passive voice sentences. To find out if you’re using the active voice, look at the subject of the sentence.

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Is the subject performing an action? For example: passive Finland Business Email List voice. More information (topic) can be found (action) on our website. Active Voice: Students (topic) can find (action) more information (object) on our website. Sensory rich learning John Medina, molecular biologist, wrote the book Brain rules in 2008 . Brain rules are rules that have been demonstrably Finland Business Email List establish by scientists, which explain how the brain works and how this influences the learning process of people. One of those rules is that you must offer the subject matter ‘sensory rich’.

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Because when experiences are connected to multiple Finland Business Email List senses, their intensity is amplified and the experiences are better remembered. Of course, you can’t serve all the senses equally richly in a digital environment. It is therefore important to create a good relationship and cooperation between the use of the voice-over, text and visual elements. For example, use Finland Business Email List the voice-over to ask questions, give examples or tell anecdotes that help illustrate a point. A pleasant voice with the right tone can certainly boost the knowledge retention of a tough module in this way.


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