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What exactly should I be looking for? If feedback is vague, I Angola Email List ask for clarification. Otherwise no one will get anything out of it. The same goes for false feedback. For example, a communications manager once told me that there were spelling mistakes in my piece. “I Angola Email List assume you still check it.” Huh, had I been that sloppy? I immediately checked the text (about five times) and asked my colleagues to do the same. We really couldn’t find anything. I let the communications manager know.

Angola Email List

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Then it turned out that she was talking about the Angola Email List length of the sentences. They were too short. Well Explain your approach The communications manager from the example above also thought the article was very concise. She was right about that. My client had given me a maximum number of words. I also adhered to the client ‘s B1 guidelines . I immediately explained that Angola Email List to her. Do you often write for a specific target group? What makes you use different words than the interview candidate is used to?

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That may be one reason why the text isn’t exactly Angola Email List what the interview candidate or client expected. A short email with explanation can then create a lot of clarity.  Accept that you are not perfect I know, that’s hard sometimes. No jokes, everyone has a bad day sometimes. That affects your work. You have a lot on your mind, a busy schedule, and a bad night’s sleep. That Angola Email List can happen, better next time. Hand with pen writes imperfectly. See it as an opportunity to get even better You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, but for good reason.

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