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Adjust your approach to the needs of the team. Good French Guiana Email List frames give space. In this respect, a team can go one step further by drawing up a team plan in addition to the frameworks. By discussing certain themes you become stronger as a team. You can think of themes such as goals and results, but also core values ​​and how you deal with conflicts within the team. Your French Guiana Email List knows where you want to go together and how you will achieve it together. That gives peace and confidence.

French Guiana Email List
The Customer Journey Map

I partly agree with Kirstin. When I started at French Guiana Email List Moneybird, I started in a new position, that of Office & HR. One of the first things I asked the owners was: what are your plans for the future? But I didn’t get an answer to that question, because those plans simply didn’t exist. In short, no frames. As a result, I started looking in the organization in order to retrieve French Guiana Email List the most important points of attention in the field of Office & HR and I set to work.

As a Compass for Your Content

This has ensured that I did not listen to French Guiana Email List the ‘demands of the management but to the team. I have not limited myself to prescribed goals, but have gone far beyond. That was valuable for the team, for the organization and even more for myself. More important than setting a framework is to coach someone in this journey of discovery. Someone who is coaching French Guiana Email List a colleague. Agile organizing Even if you work together on the basis of self-organization, you need leadership.

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