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But this won’t last long. Browsers are collectively on a collision USA Business Fax List course to get rid of third-party cookies for good. Here is an overview of how the most used browsers in the Netherlands currently deal with third-party cookies: The Safari browser even goes one step further. It also deletes certain first-party cookies after 7 days. This already has consequences for your Google Analytics USA Business Fax List data. For about 33% of your visitors, the returning visitors can only be recogniz within a week.

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Ad blockers stay Ad blockers are not new. Its use is slowly USA Business Fax List growing: 34% of the Dutch now use an adblocker. Some of them protect a large number of cookies by default. For this article, I did a little experiment with four common ad blockers to discover their impact on online marketing: Within the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), advertising cookies may USA Business Fax List only be placed after permission. So we all use a cookie banner. In the statistics of various cookie banners we see that about half of all visitors do not accept marketing cookies.

Stop Bothering With Fax Number Searches

However, this is not the only signal that our society is becoming USA Business Fax List increasingly aware of online privacy. The use of the privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo has almost doubled in the past year. At a number of websites we see that this search engine is already entering the top 10 of traffic sources. Over the past year, we’ve seen several organizations embarrassed by USA Business Fax List clunky data breaches. In recent years, several large fines have also been handed out to organizations that did not comply with the GDPR.


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