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That SXO is only useful for searches carried out on Google and not on other platforms or search engines, unlike SEO. In other words, SXO consists of generating positive sensations for users who are searching. It is a process through which users are offered the answer they expected… but not only that! Also positive feelings during the search. How does user experience affect SEO? The time has come to make content for users and not for search robots. This is because Google, like many other search engines, has managed to perfect search results to

The point of being able to offer users what they are really looking for and like. This represents a before and after in SEO and that is, keywords and links to the background, and the user experience is the main protagonist. This is what Google asks of us… to be useful for users who Italy phone number out searches! It will no longer be valid with a text that is well hierarchically, enriched with keywords, or with link building strategies… now the tastes and needs of the users set the priorities! All this leads us to the following statement: the user experience (UX) has become one of the most important

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Therefore, both SEO specialists and the web design department very well understood. basic seo course Advantages of optimizing UX for SEO Optimizing the user experience has multiple advantages for SEO positioning. In this section we show you a compilation of the most notable: Promotes online optimization of online platforms for any device. Analyzing the user experience will offer you a large amount of information and data that you can use to understand the needs of the consumer.

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Analyzing the user experience will also help you to better understand the sector and anticipate the needs of consumers, a discipline known as predictive marketing. It focuses on user satisfaction. It promotes the training of the company’s workers so that they towards improving the user experience. 7 UX tips to improve your SEO Next, we detail 7 UX tips to improve SEO positioning: 1. Optimize your content optimize-content-web-2 It is very important to optimize the content to improve the UX.

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For the search engine, it is also necessary to write for the user and that… it is perfectly compatible! To do so, it is necessary to carry out keyword research, with the aim of analyzing the keywords with the least competition and the highest number of searches. Once you have obtained the keywords, use them correctly: include the main keyword in the title and H1, and in the first and last paragraphs. In the middle of the text you can search for synonyms. Remember not to over-optimize the contents, they must be natural, otherwise Google could penalize you.

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