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To computer the contents for the user, categorizing and labeling them, it will be very positive for the user’s web usability . 2. Design (web and responsive) responsive-web-design Take care of the design! Web design and responsive design must not only be attractive and eye-catching for the user, it must also be practical and efficient for users. When making a design or thinking of one, you must bear in mind that the user must navigate the web as if they had done so before, without the need for them to learn. If you find it difficult to navigate the web, you will most likely abandon it quickly.

Therefore, do not focus only on originality and aesthetics, all aspects must be clear and the graphic line of each web page must be consistent, with the intention of not disorienting the audience. 3. Structure Japan phone number navigation Web navegation The navigation system must be perfectly planned. Any system depends largely on the web having a good structure and UX architecture. But what does a good structure consist of? A good structure must be clear, that it facilitates its intuitive handling,

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And useful content for the user, and, in addition, that it has visible interaction elements, that is: contact forms, CTA, legal notices, etc. For the user to enjoy good navigation, it is key to study every detail beforehand to the millimeter, and it is only when the objective of the web is analyzed in depth and the content to be incorporated is studied correctly, we will be able to offer the user a good navigation. 4. Improve the loading speed of your website speed-upload-wpo Improving the user experience on the web implies improving the loading speed of your site.

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Who wants to browse a slow web? This aspect is essential in any SEO strategy and Google is very concerned about the speed. Of a website due to the great impact it has on users. How to improve this aspect of any website? Improving web speed involves taking into account some factors. For example: Excess of plugins : it is important not to install, as well as to eliminate. Those that are not used or necessary because they consume a lot of resources. Image optimization : do not upload images to your website without having optimized them, reduce the weight of each of them as much as you can.

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Select a quality hosting or server so that it does not negatively influence the performance of the website. 5. Get interaction on your website web-interaction The more time the user spends browsing our website, the better! Google interprets that if user sessions are longer on our pages than on those of the competition, it is that this is more relevant. Therefore, it is necessary to try to get the user to spend as much time as possible. How to do it? Working so that the user feels that he is in a simple html, offering fully personalized experiences through recommendation systems,

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