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The model then looks at which phase the brand is in Sudan Business Email List based on four pillars. These pillars can be divid into external and internal factors. External factors You as a brand have no direct influence on these factors. The two pillars of the maturity model that measure this are community and engagement. Community includes the degree of interaction Sudan Business Email List of users with a brand and other ‘ fans’. Concrete measuring points for this are the number of followers, returning visitors with interaction and the use of one’s own language.

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Engagement includes the degree of interaction Sudan Business Email List with the messages. This is measure on the basis of reactions, comments and shares. Internal factors As a company, you can control the internal factors yourself. This includes traffic and content. Traffic is Sudan Business Email List about the effectiveness of the social media channel to other channels of the same brand, such as the website. The click-through percentage is the measuring point for this.

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Finally, content includes the planned and Sudan Business Email List structured use of what you post. Measuring points for this are placement schedules and content creation. The maturity model for social media. Do it yourself First of all, it is good to realize that the implementation of this model is human work. So it is done manually. That not only requires many hours, but also Sudan Business Email List someone who carefully looks at the hundreds of posts that are viewed. It is also good to realize that the analysis is somewhat subjective.

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