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We think it is worthwhile to follow a growth path in a Mozambique Business Email List structured way via quantifiable variables. Sometimes such an analysis provides new insights that you would not have thought of yourself. Especially when you look at the competition. Sometimes you see where you clearly distinguish yourself from the competition and why you should not do the same. It always yields points for improvement. We have not yet encountered a customer who is at the top of Mozambique Business Email List the curve. This is also not an end in itself. Above all, we hope to have given you a good reason to take a closer look at your social media channels and let them

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The texts on, letters from the Mozambique Business Email List municipality or assessments from the tax authorities: everyone comes into contact with them. Like me, others will also wonder: why is this text so difficult? In this article 7 ways to improve government texts. Don’t you write for the government? There is a good chance that you will also pick up something Mozambique Business Email List from it . Why this article? Two weeks ago, our research into the comprehensibility of the Speech from the Throne reached RTL Nieuws and Radio 1 among others . We presented 10 difficult sentences from the Speech from the Throne to 508 Dutch people.

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The score was unprecedentedly bad: an Mozambique Business Email List average of 4.0. With a pre-vocational secondary education/mavo education you scored a 2.2. Have an active memory of it The Speech from the Throne also symbolizes other government texts in the research. And certainly also for texts by politicians. Example. Where most people say “I don’t Mozambique Business Email List remember” or “I can’t remember”, a politician says: “I don’t have an active memory of that”. And that’s just an unnecessarily difficult sentence. Mark Rutte is not alone in this.

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