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It makes us better editors, better colleagues and better Automotive Mailing List coaches. Rosy picture of the future To be honest, I see a bright future ahead of me. Artificial intelligence will ensure that communication professionals have more and more time for creating or finishing creative content. The preliminary work (the research) will be more effective than ever, making our added value increasingly clear. There will come a time when computers and robots Automotive Mailing List prepare the content for us in such a way that we only need to approve.

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Sharpen or make the content attractive for Automotive Mailing List the target group: people of flesh and blood as a kind of editor-in-chief. Contact between man and machine Communication will always remain a tool for people to come closer to each other, to understand each other better. As soon as we let computers or robots carry out all facets of the communication sent, Automotive Mailing List who or what do the recipients approach? Personal contact is emotionally more valuable than contact between man and machine.

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As long as that belief remains, I don’t think we have Automotive Mailing List much to fear from AI. Last hour never strikes. As soon as robots step onto the editorial floor, it makes us better editors. Better colleagues and better coaches. But don’t think that the creative streak of our profession will die. The last hour for the creative human mind will simply never strike. In fact, I am convinced that in the coming decades our creativity will become an increasingly important Automotive Mailing List talent. (PS: This article was written by a human.) Image header by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash .


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