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Before I go through how you can apply augmented reality South Korea WhatsApp Number List yourself in your daily life, let’s look at the pioneers in this field. For starters, Gucci. They had an app built by Wanna, where they wanted to digitize the sneaker catalog and apply Wanna’s technology in the app. Below you can see the result of their collaboration: an AR app to try on your shoes. Another example is a business card with AR technology. You can see a YouTube video below in which you can view the result. The card looks very normal, but if you turn it over South Korea WhatsApp Number List and scan the back, you will see that there is movement. A photo plus name will appear and a movie will start playing: Finally, I would like to mention the launch of Google.

How to use Canva for your business

In 2020 the cosmetics try-on experience South Korea WhatsApp Number List came on the market: a way to see which color make-up suits you. They collaborated with L’Oréal, MAC and Estée Lauder, among others, so you can see for yourself whether that color lipstick or eyeshadow suits you. Ideal! To be able to produce yourself, it takes a lot of time and energy. I therefore recommend that you use one of the tools below. This ensures that you have a solid foundation and that you can get started right away, without too much experience. These are recommendations: South Korea WhatsApp Number List What is immediately noticeable is that they have a cool homepage, very interactive and colorful. There is an appealing quote, which shows that AR has a 45% higher engagement than TV (Mindshare, 2018).

8 creative content tips

Blippar offers an app that allows you to create South Korea WhatsApp Number List AR content yourself. You don’t need any coding knowledge, but do you? Then you can create advanced content with Javascript. Also read: 6x inspiration for augmented reality in e-commerce ThingLink This provider helps you to create interactive content, thanks to a multimedia editor and a scenario builder. By connecting the physical environment with digital elements, you make the content much more lively for your target group. ROAR ROAR is a platform with many South Korea WhatsApp Number List possibilities. You can not only find a toolset to generate content yourself, but also set up an AR campaign. You do not need any coding skills for this tool and you can even start for free.

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