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“Do you agree that we keep a record of which stores Sri Lanka Email Database you visit after your visit? And which products are you looking at? We also pass this information on to others, so that they and we can make you personal offers.” You may feel uncomfortable with this. Why does the store want this? Why do you have to give this permission before your Sri Lanka Email Database is even entered? Instead of stepping in, turn around. Looking for a store that doesn’t ask you the question. Do you find this a strange or far-fetched example?

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Fortunately, this does not happen in the offline Sri Lanka Email Database world. But in the online world, this happens regularly, via cookies. As a visitor, you give permission or not via cookie settings for the measurement and transmission of this data. In this article, I examine Sri Lanka Email Database the cookie reports of the 25 largest e-commerce parties in the Netherlands (see figure 1 for an overview). The top 25 websites were visited on Feb 19 and 22 in 2021. Due to privacy concerns, the visited companies that had problematic cookie practices were not named in the cookie notice.

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Only two websites do not use three common Sri Lanka Email Database problematic cookie practices (8%, see Figure 1). These were the desktop versions of the H&M and Nespresso websites. 88% of the websites surveyed had used at least one problematic cookie practice. This is in line with other studies that show that many companies do not adhere to the cookie Sri Lanka Email Database rules (see, for example, a recent study by the Consumers ‘ Association ). For example, a large-scale study by Nouwens and colleagues (2020) showed

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