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your target audience seeks answers to different questions. With your B2B SEO strategy, you should aim to create content that answers those questions. When we create content marketing plans, you should start with the B2B buyer customer journey , which will help you create a map that describes everything you need to know about a customer at each stage of the purchase and what new touchpoints we can create. keyword research Once you have defined your buyer persona , you can start creating the keyword study , which will be the pillar on which your content will be based. To do this, different types of keywords, depending on the phase of the purchase process in which the user is.

Although keyword division down to the smallest detail by creating many subdivisions, the most basic should be: transactional keywords They are those in which the user performs a search focused on a transaction , whether it is the purchase of a product or service. These types of words will be worked on the product or service pages . Although at first they Uk phone number be difficult to position due to the high level of competition, SEO is a long-term strategy, and with time and proper SEO practices, results will begin to be seen. In the B2B sector there is usually a lower search volume, since they are not products focused on the final customer, which are the ones that monopolize the majority of searches in search engines.

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to put the technical name of the product or service even if the search tools do not give you volume data about them. Long tail keywords They are informative keywords , in which the user is not yet to buy a product. But is beginning in it indirectly, and is a potential customer. Structuring SEO around these keywords is something that Google has been encouraging for years. People communicate with conversations, not just with keywords focused on making a transaction. That is why it is not about creating lists of keywords without more, but about using those lists, to try to know what questions your potential clients are asking . Unfortunately this is not something a machine can do, it requires meticulous research and a broad understanding of your buyer persona.

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These types of keywords on in blog articles , and become even more important in B2B SEO. Since products/services are usually more expensive or purchased in larger volumes, and therefore, the purchase decision is usually more complex and need more information and trust. At the beginning of a B2B SEO strategy , long-tail keywords are essential since they have less competition, that is, they have less difficulty being in. Google, and quality traffic, helping to capture leads. To help you get a lead, which can be filling out a form or leaving us certain contact information, downloading ebooks , infographics, guides or even small product samples works very well.

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Email * I have read and accept the privacy policy * You can access the privacy policy from the following link . Structure the content with html tags on SEO All the previous study is useless. If the content that we are going to create is to the basic SEO guidelines. That is, use a correct SEO tag structure. That allows Google to better understand the content. Title and Meta Description As its name indicates, it is the title and description of the page. So it will be important that both to the keyword study previously carried out. The title is the number 1 SEO factor, and the meta description is the factor that most. Affects the CTR, that is, the percentage that indicates the frequency with which. Users who see your ad end up clicking on it.

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