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Has become the main objective of search engines like Google. To do this, the Internet giant pays special attention to the loading speed of websites, being one more factor in organic search engine positioning, that is, SEO, a fundamental part of digital marketing for any company. >> Would you like to learn how to create a complete SEO Audit? Download our Guide to do an SEO Audit totally free<< But, what is the loading speed or Page Speed? How does it affect and influence the positioning of a web page? Throughout the article we invite you to discover all the most relevant details of the loading speed of a website. What is web load speed?

Web speed is the concept that refers to the time it takes for a web page to appear on the screen. This time is calculated from the moment a user clicks until said page is fully loaded. How does loading time influence SEO positioning? The loading time considerably influences the SEO Indonesia phone number of a web page. Google takes it very much into account when it comes to ranking the results it offers to users, information that is not new to us since the search engine already reported several years ago that loading speed is one of the factors it has in mind. account when ranking websites. Even if the positioning strategy is good, if the loading speed is not worked… the web page will never position well! And it is that…

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The pages when they take a long time to load! Nowadays, a page is considered slow if the web load time is 2 seconds or more and, therefore, it will be difficult for it to reach the top positions. page-speed-web-load-speed Best tools to measure web speed Here is a list of the best tools to measure the loading speed of a website: PingdomTools Pingdom Tools is a tool with different functionalities, although one of the most famous is the ‘web speed test’. It is very easy to use, just by copying the url you will be able to find out the speed of the web in a few seconds.

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PageSpeed ​​Insights PageSpeed ​​Insights is the tool that Google offers users to measure web load speed . This tool not only shows you the results, it also gives users some tips to improve said performance, very practical tips to climb positions in the search engine. The use of PageSpeed ​​Insights is very simple, you just have to copy the domain and place it in the tool to analyze it. WebPagetest The WebPagetest tool is another of the tools that allows you to test web speed. With this tool it is possible to choose the browser to perform the test, the device, the model, connection, etc.

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GTmetrix As it happens with the previous tools that we have mentioned, to be able to carry out the speed test in GTmetrix you only have to enter the domain. By default, GTmetrix uses Canada as the location, so please note that you will need to change that location. You can also select the browser! Tips to improve the loading speed of a website Next, we give you some tips that you should follow to improve the loading speed of a website and that this does not negatively affect the positioning in search engines. Choose a lightweight and optimized template

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