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One of the reasons why it is worthwhile to measure customer satisfaction is that this action allows you to see whether or not you have a competitive advantage over your competitors. If your business enjoys a high level of customer satisfaction, you can easily differentiate yourself from the competition and establish a strong position in the market. Remember that dissatisfied customers will not hesitate for a second to go to your competitors. how to measure customer satisfaction How to measure customer satisfaction If you want to learn how to measure customer satisfaction, the first thing you have to do is collect the opinion that your customers have regarding your products as well as the general experience that your store offers.

For this, you need to design a customer satisfaction survey that allows you to collect such information. Once you have this information in your hands, you need to be able to measure and quantify the level of satisfaction of your customers. How? Here are Singapore whatsapp number list two of the most used customer satisfaction indicators that will help you understand how customer satisfaction is measured in a business. CSAT customer satisfaction indicator This is surely the most famous of all customer satisfaction indicators used by companies. The acronym for this indicator comes from the original concept in English ( Customer Satisfaction Score ).

Fundamentally, with This Indicator

You will be able to realize if the products and the experience that your business offers eat the expectations of the clients. In other words, this customer satisfaction index is prepared based on the answers collected from questions such as the following. How would you rate your experience buying the product? How was your experience with the shipment of the product? What evaluation do you give to the customer service you received? Thanks to the fact that it focuses on measuring the level of satisfaction that the customer has with respect to the products and shopping experience of the store, this indicator serves to identify those things that do not work with respect to the offer and service offered by the business.

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The following is the formula you can use to calculate this customer satisfaction indicator. Evaluation of customer satisfaction Starting from the previous formula, we can make a small example. Suppose we collect a total of 100 responses to see how satisfied our customers. The latest product in our store. If out of those 100 answers, 60 users express a favorable opinion regarding our product. The following would be the way to calculate our CSAT customer satisfaction indicator. We can say that the level of customer satisfaction regarding the new product in our portfolio is 60%. What does this mean? To understand it, we invite you to be guide by the following parameters.

Excellent Considering the Above

We can say that the level of customer satisfaction with our product is good. Which is obviously positive but leaves 20% room for improvement. So it would be convenient to continue with a slightly deeper questionnaire to understand. What are the aspects that can be improve? NPS recommendation rate The NPS index is another key indicator of customer satisfaction that is widely use today. In particular, it is a recommendation index that will help you understand the level of probability. Which your clients can become promoters of your business. For this, you only have to collect the answers that your customers give you when you ask them the following question. What is the probability that you will recommend our store/brand to a friend or family member?

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