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This allows you to record your screen and you can talk to Christmas Island Email List each other about actions. You can then easily edit the video and upload it to YouTube and Vimeo, among others. 3. Decide where you want to share videos YouTube is by far the largest video platform in the world. About 2 billion people use YouTube at least once a month and 70% of them Christmas Island Email List use their phone. However, there are more platforms. For example, you can upload videos directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Christmas Island Email List


Determine in advance where your customers are and Christmas Island Email List be active there. Starting with video marketing? 2021 is the time Video marketing is flourishing and corona reinforces this. About 86% of companies now use video for marketing purposes. And 91% of marketers think the use of video is more important than ever due to the corona Christmas Island Email List crisis. Are you not doing anything with video now? Then take a critical look at your marketing strategy, because video marketing is here to stay.

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Even after the corona crisis. Are copywriters Christmas Island Email List suffering from the corona crisis? What does a little copywriter charge and is it useful to have different rates? Is discounting on writing work common and what about margins when you collaborate? The Tekstnet Tarievenmonitor survey provides answers to these questions. The results contain Christmas Island Email List six insights. There are constant questions about the rates of copywriters, I notice within Tekstnet, the professional association of copywriters.

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