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The impact of social media algorithms would be Argentina Email Database more profound. 41 percent of journalists indicate that this changes their way of working. Mainly understanding and being able to deal with changes in the algorithms is a task for journalists. Journalists should ask themselves: will my article score on social media algorithms? Anyone who is smart writes Argentina Email Database a press release that responds to this need. This is how you score publicity, now and after corona. PR, megaphone.

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Answers to the Most Important Questions

Three ways how PR changed due to corona Argentina Email Database CISION posed three questions to each of the 2,700 journalists surveyed. These questions provide insight into how corona has changed the work of newsrooms. 1. Which stories are interesting now? According to the journalists surveyed, the pandemic has had a major impact on everyday life. There was also a lot of Argentina Email Database influence on what consumers wanted to read in the media. Depending on the medium for which journalists write, the demand for stories has also changed due to corona.

What Will Concretely Change

Some editors want scientifically substantiated articles Argentina Email Database about corona, while other journalists prefer to see articles that are not about the virus. In general, the journalists indicate that articles score well when they unite people, instead of polarizing the articles. Also read: 11 handy PR tips and tricks that always work 2. How is the pandemic changing news pitching? The journalists are still unanimous on this: emails remain the best means of pitching stories. Preferably simple, short and concise.

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