Implement Google Analytics Immediately

Major commotion in the marketing landscape: Google Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List Analytics is under the magnifying glass of European privacy watchdogs. It would not comply with the GDPR. Bad news, because many marketers and website owners use Google Analytics to measure the visit to their websites and the success of their campaigns. What are good alternatives? It is not yet certain whether Google Analytics will also be banned in the Netherlands . It is clear that Google is under attack throughout Europe. In Germany, for example, it has been condemned because IP addresses are passed on via Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List Google Fonts . So the main question becomes: will Google adapt or should we prepare for the tool to be banned? Maybe you already want to get out of the Google ecosystem anyway? Finding privacy-friendly tools can be a challenge.

Out of Third-party Cookies

We did some preliminary work for you and Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List found out which free (or friendly priced) analytics services are good alternatives to Google Analytics.Of course there are more privacy-friendly programs to mention, but for this article we focus on affordable tools, aimed at small entrepreneurs. For the length of the article, we cannot go into detail about all the features of each tool. We will link to more information where possible. The organisations/services/companies are listed in random order. You can use Simple Analytics from €19 per month. With this starter plan you have a maximum of one user and your site must have less than 100,000 views per month. You can have an Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List unlimit number of websites. Do you have more page views? The business subscription is €59 per month for up to 1 million page views and 10 users.

Implement server-side Google Tag Manager

If you have more page views, you can contact them Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List for an enterprise account. In addition to viewing the page views of your site, you can also analyze referrers, utm codes, the language of visitors and the scroll depth. Here you can read which ‘data points’ they all collect. Events can be tracked, this is still in beta. Reports can be sent by email. You can also export the data in .csv format and there is an API. As the name suggests, Simple Analytics is committed to simplicity. But if you can’t figure something out, you can contact them via email. Enterprise  accounts also have phone support. Simple Analytics is a Dutch company, with Dutch owners and servers in the Netherlands.

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