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The reason is that you are fighting for the user’s top of mind and they will keep you in mind at the slightest stimulus of interest. Getting benefits As I said before, an app is expensive. If your business is a beach bar, a discount application does not make sense because you will be throwing money away to offer them discounts and not obtain loyalty or recurrence in return. However, if you have a fast food chain in certain cities, perhaps that coupon app would be interesting, as it will give you valuable information,

a certain recurrence from which to obtain benefits with advertising, and you can also encourage them to go more often . Apps premium vs Apps fremium Source: Content by Sheila Álvarez It is essential to know through which factors you are going to obtain benefits. There are two Spain phone number methods: premium apps and freemium apps. Apps premium Income is obtained through paying for its use. These types of applications are the great minority, because users are reluctant to pay for applications.

In Order To Have An App Spain Phone Number Works Like This

you have to have a very consistent added value, otherwise, the public will not consider paying for your services. Apps Freemium These types of applications monetize through different channels: in-app purchases, advertising, mobile commerce, temporary subscriptions or database sales. In-app purchases: It has to be content that provides added value to your application that you think your audience may be interested in. It is exclusive content,

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which in most cases you need the app to be very interesting without it, and which would provide a plus that users are willing to pay for. Advertising: It can be direct, that a company contacts you to agree on a space in your app where you sponsor it. Or indirectly, let the ad tools be in charge of the bidding process in your spaces. Temporary subscriptions: It is a periodic payment model to offer certain content. The most common are monthly and annual. Mobile Commerce:

A Store Within Your App Spain Phone Number

It can bring the user more ease of use and greater security. Therefore, The problem is that many times you don’t get more buyers, but you transfer those who bought on the web to the app. Databases: An app obtains a lot of information about the user, if you have a certain volume of information, this can be very valuable. Therefore, In the of digital marketing, information about the target audience is highly. Did you like the content? I would like you to leave me your opinion in comments. Therefore, If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

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