If You Want to Make Longer Videos

But first, two ideas that you should set yourself on fire: In the variety is the taste : Your audience wants variety and innovation. Don’t always use the same format. Go changing, experiment and stay with those that work best. Leave the shame aside : If you want your business to make a mark on Instagram, you should not always hide behind stock images or videos. You need to be able to show your brand for what it is, and if you have to speak up in a video, don’t be afraid to do so to win the hearts of your audience. Images Without a doubt, one of the most popular publications and, therefore, should not be missing from your marketing strategy for Instagram. Ideally, you can take your own photos to upload to Instagram.

However, if you do not have this possibility, you can always choose banks to download free or paid images. Use applications to edit your photos and get the most out of this content. You can also include infographics or animations in this type of Macedonia whatsapp number list publication , and even present your images in a carousel format with up to 10 photos in the same publication. Remember that Instagram is a very visual social network. Therefore, make sure that your photos are attractive, sharp and with harmonic compositions. Images on Instagram Videos Videos are the type of publication that generates a higher rate of interaction from the audience. Specifically, 37.5% of video publications obtain the participation of users either by commenting or giving “likes”.

In Addition, the Video Connects

the potential customer in a close and genuine way , something that helps to encourage the purchase to a greater extent compared to the images. For all these reasons, do not forget about videos when planning your marketing on Instagram. If you are not skilled with this format, remember that you can use free video editing programs that are very easy to use. Keep in mind that the length of the videos you upload to your feed can not exceed 60 seconds . If you want to make longer videos you can opt for IGTV. Do we find out what it is? Instagram video strategy IGTV IGTV has been one of the latest additions to Instagram along with the reels or the guides that we will talk about next.

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IGTV is the first video platform independent of Instagram , that is, it allows you to create your own branded TV channel. It’s great for showcasing products, growing the community of followers, and demonstrating business creativity. The duration of the videos also has limitations. The minimum duration should be 1 minute and the maximum 15 minutes (if uploading from a mobile device) or 60 minutes (if uploading from the web version of Instagram). Regarding the video format, it must be in MP4 and you can upload them both vertically (9:16 aspect ratio) and horizontally (16:9 aspect ratio).

When You Upload a Video

Instagram Insights to see statistics Harness the power of marketing for Instagram Instagram’s trend is growth. We just have to see how the platform increased its number of users. In 2020 by 22.1% compared to the previous year. It’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon of this powerful social. Network for companies like yours by creating effective. Instagram marketing strategies . Now you know where to start. Are you ready to build your presence on Instagram? Do you tell us in the comments?

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