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Shopify has created a very useful tool, which automatically generates a privacy policy for your website users, as well as a return policy, along with the terms and conditions of operation of your store. To access this tool you must click on this link ; and enter the sections you need to copy the generated template and then paste it into your Shopify store. To go deeper, we leave you this article on policies for your online store . They are essential; now you know! politicas dropshipping shopify Shipping Rates – Shipping rates should be clear to all users. Ideally, shipping should be free (you can modify your pricing strategy by increasing the price of your products a little and say that shipping is free).

In the “Shipping” tab of the “Settings” section you can set the prices by zones or free shipping. shipments 4. Set up Oberlo to dropship on Bahrain whatsapp number list Shopify Once you’ve figured out the design of your Shopify store, you have to move on to one of the most important phases in creating your dropshipping store: selling products. To do this, you must start adding products that generate profits for you . The best option for adding products from your Shopify store is by integrating Shopify with Oberlo.

That Way You Can Dropship with Oberlo

Which is the leading platform for entrepreneurs who want to get started in the world of dropshipping and ecommerce. sales channels And the good thing is that Oberlo and Shopify are fully integrated, so you will be able to import and sell products from day one, since they are connected to the big dropshipping providers . The only thing is that once you’ve installed Oberlo, you’ll need to generate at least one product category to your Shopify store. A category is nothing more than a group of products with common characteristics or elements. Try to name this first category according to the type of products you are going to sell, since if you later increase the number of categories it will be difficult to differentiate them.

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And not only that: in this case the easiest thing is to be descriptive, so that your customers can easily find what they want to buy. If, for example, you are thinking of starting an online t-shirt business , simply add the “t-shirts” category. So there will be no room for doubt. Build your print-on-demand business without worrying about inventory or shipping. I WANT TO START FOR FREE 5. Start selling products With the store set up and full of products, the crucial moment arrives: making the first sales. Only then can you generate enough profit to make the investment profitable.

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However, the task has only just begun, because being a new store you will hardly have any traffic. In this situation, your marketing plan should focus on attracting potential customers. Who are willing to buy the products you sell on your e-commerce. It can be said that the tasks are focused on two large blocks known as SEO and SEM : SEO – SEO for dropshipping at the basic level consists of performing a series of tasks and optimizations so that your online store meets the criteria of the Google algorithm. That way, when someone searches for something related to your products, Google will show that user your online store.

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