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So I write to Professor Goochem ‘first type the targeted group’ Healthtrax Corporate Email and I write to Janne van de Jongesoos ‘know who you are writing for’. Also read: 5 arguments not to aim for text at B1 level Ask yourself what you want to achieve with your text. Do your readers need to act? Do you want them to buy something from you? Do you want your readers to get an answer to Healthtrax Corporate Email a question? So think carefully about the actual core message of your text. Always ask yourself whether your target group can easily distill your message from it and whether they can easily understand your message.

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Also think about the tone that suits your target group. For Healthtrax Corporate Email example, do we go ‘you-and-you-and’ or do we address the target group with ‘you’? 2. Use words and phrases that your target audience understands With a business text, you naturally want 100% of your target group to actually understand your message. This is how you generate the most action. If you Healthtrax Corporate Email use language that is too difficult for your target group or part of it, you exclude readers. Your readers will then give up.

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When writing intelligible language, people often think Healthtrax Corporate Email of writing at the so-called B1 level. The following is written about this on of the government: Language level B1 stands for simple Dutch. The vast majority of the population understands texts at language level B1. Even people who have not had a (high) education. A text at B1 level consists of easy words that almost everyone uses. And from short, simple and active sentences. Recently, much attention has been paid to writing in simple Dutch. This is an excellent development.


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