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The consumer is increasingly fickle and has no qualms about leaving Finland WhatsApp Number List. The brands they usually buy in the lurch when they are not available or when they consider that they are not sufficiently committe to the environment. Even so, and despite his volatility, the customer does not in any way close the door to brand loyalty. And to get the consumer to swear loyalty (more or less eternal) to the brands, they must make an effort to entertain them with products Finland WhatsApp Number List of the highest quality and also inspire a strong sense of community . This is the conclusion of a recent study carriy out in the United States Clarus Commerce .

The Exact Shade

Questioned about the factors that most affect their loyalty to brands, Finland WhatsApp Number List consumers above all and above all bring up the quality of their products and services . 27% of customers say that what matters most in their brand loyalty is quality. The second most important factor in brand loyalty is the feeling of community (22%), which is particularly strong among millennials. And the activities that most contribute to this feeling of community are Finland WhatsApp Number List. Next in importance to the sense of community is price (17%), the positive impact of brands on the social plane. I want to make money

Generation Z Is the One That Demands

Especially concerned about the social impact of brands are the Finland WhatsApp Number List young people belonging to Generation Z. Not in vain, 28% of centennials leverage their feeling of loyalty to brands in the ability they show to contribute to social good. On the other hand, and despite the fact that the customer is increasingly demanding of brands. They are not particularly predispose to boycott brands, destroy their products and post negative comments about them on social networks. In fact, most consumers find that people are often too quick to throw brands to Finland WhatsApp Number List the raging lions of cancel culture. In general terms, consumers interact a lot with their favorite brands. 23% search weekly for news online about their favorite brands and another 23% find out daily about community events organized by the brands they usually buy the most.

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