How to Use Video Marketing to Build

This allows you to write more texts or you have time for other UK B2B List activities. More and more marketers are using bots in marketing. Research by Hubspot shows that 47 percent opt ​​for this. These bots are now mainly used as chatbots, but the content generators are not long behind. Making deeper connections with podcasts Podcasts are booming in popularity because they UK B2B List are easy and accessible. After all, it is much easier to listen to a message. Multitasking is also much easier with podcasts.

As a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Podcast figures According to Podcasts Insights , there are UK B2B List more than 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes worldwide. Research by Markteffect shows that approximately 6.3 million Dutch people aged 16 and older sometimes listen to a podcast, mainly via Spotify (47%) and YouTube (42%). About three in ten Dutch people listen to at least one podcast a month and UK B2B List podcasts about specialized topics are doing well. The offer is growing fast. This is probably because more and more companies are opting for the podcast as a content form.

To Increase Your Sales

For example, Ahold Delhaize launched its own podcast UK B2B List last month. Podcasts provide connection Podcasts provide more engagement than a written text because it feels more intimate. It can even create a bond. Some listeners may feel that they are listening to a close acquaintance. The public is more likely to listen to an episode of a podcast as opposed to a program UK B2B List on the radio. Believe it or not, podcasts also increase visibility . If you use the right keywords, you can find your podcast on Google.


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