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You can often replace the ‘and’ with a new sentence. That Mauritius Business Email List usually reads (and sounds) nicer. This blog by Taaluilen describes the optimal length of the sentence. Up to 20 words a sentence is easy to understand. Above 20 a sentence becomes difficult. And above 28 words, it becomes very difficult to understand. But, as Taaluilen also describes, a text does Mauritius Business Email List not only have to contain short sentences: “By playing with sentence length you keep the reader captivated. People from the advertising world understand this like no other.

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They know that they have to pull out all the stops to Mauritius Business Email List keep the target group on their toes.” 4. Be careful with jargon Sincerely consider whether the reader of your text or the person listening to your speech has the same level of knowledge as you. Don’t use jargon if you even suspect that some of the people in your field don’t know the word. Incidentally, this vision does Mauritius Business Email List not come from myself, but said NRC columnist Japke-d. Bouma told me before: “Anyone who uses professional language, even within.

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Their own sector, should realize that some people in that Mauritius Business Email List sector simply do not understand the professional language.” I too have been guilty of this by using words like conversion and call-to-action in a Frankwatching blog, without explanation. learning point. 5. Make it concrete The more specific, the better. We know approximately what they mean for many Mauritius Business Email List words or word combinations. But not exactly. Can you make it more concrete? Then do that. Examples of too abstract language:


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