How to Sell on Instagram Tips

Have you ever considered starting to sell on Instagram? Well you should. Instagram is a social network on the rise. More than 1 billion people actively use Instagram. And what is even more interesting, 83% of Instagram users discover new products and services on this platform . So take advantage and learn how to sell on Instagram. We give you 6 infallible tips that will help you with your store on Instagram. SHOPIFY MAKES IT EASY FOR YOU Open the online business you’ve always dreamed of. START FREE TRIAL How to use Instagram to sell in 2022 If you want to make money with Instagram , follow our advice and tips to sell on Instagram and learn how to monetize this platform.

Create a company profile to sell on Instagram More and more consumers are turning to Instagram instead of Google to search for brands. So if you Turkey whatsapp number list want to monetize Instagram, you have to spend time and effort designing Instagram posts, just like you would your website. If you are wondering how to create an Instagram page to sell , enabling a business profile is the first step to creating an Instagram store. Once activated, work on your aesthetics. We recommend that you work with your posts in bulk and make sure that you always use the same font and brand colors.

Maintaining a Constant Branding

Strategy throughout all your social networks and website will help your users to identify your brand more easily. sell on instagram To sell more on Instagram, your Instagram business profile should include: A profile picture: Create a free logo , if you don’t already have one, and upload it as your profile picture. This way your company will be easier to identify. A well-crafted bio: Your bio should include a clear description of your company. Show exactly what you do and what products you sell. A link to your shop – The URL section of your bio is the only link you can add to your Instagram page, so take advantage of it! More than selling on Instagram directly, what you will achieve is to attract traffic to your website.

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And don’t forget to add UTM tags to your links so you can analyze your results. Use apps to sell on Instagram Instagram’s shopping feature allows businesses to tag products that are available for sale for users to purchase directly within the app. apps for instagram Shopify With Shopify it is now possible to sell on Instagram directly from the feed . You just have to tag products in your Instagram shop to create a perfect shopping experience for your customers. According to Shopify and TechCrunch, ” Instagram is already a significant driver of Shopify merchant store traffic. So being able to sell on Instagram directly could create a huge boost in your sales .”

Shoppable Instagram Galleries

Shopify plugins like Shoppable Instagram Galleries make it easier than ever for your business to sell with Instagram. Their Instant Purchase tool allows visitors to add to cart and purchase. The items they like right from your post images! Businesses can create a custom gallery to showcase their products, and then simply add the gallery link to their Instagram profile bio. Instagram marketing Link. Biois a landing page that resembles your Instagram feed and displays your posts as clickable images that you can directly link to a product page. This makes it easy to create one-click shoppable posts, which in turn link audiences directly to your content.

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