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In the long run, you will recoup that investment Monaco Email List because you spend less time on implementation (such as giving instructions) and you can reuse materials more often. Finally, are there any other circumstances or things that you should take with you? Think of current legislation and regulations and social changes. sell writing keyboard 2. Designing a Monaco Email List learning path Online learning requires a lot of discipline from participants and it is quite a challenge to stay motivated.

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Therefore ensure variety in form, assignment and content. What Monaco Email List is the desired timeline? How many sessions or modules do you offer? And how long do the sessions last? Participants like to know in advance how much time they will spend per activity. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the participant’s time. Sometimes the trainer wants to do a lot and the participant Monaco Email List drops out (for many reasons). Check that in advance. How much time does a participant think they can reserve?

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For example, can you make some of the content optional, for Monaco Email List the enthusiast who has a lot of time? Think about the learning objectives of your course and the various components. And when were these reached? Interaction & learning activities How will you provide interaction? Perhaps the best channel to interact with is your target audience’s preferred channel. Where Monaco Email List is your potential participant located? Are they on Facebook? Or do you use Whatsapp or Slack for your participants?


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