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If the umlaut was not there, you would Hungary Business Email List pronounce it ‘gloehwein’. The umlaut is mainly found in German and languages ​​with a close relationship to German. But the umlaut is also a common sign in Turkish. Umlaut Photo source : PXhere The umlaut has been around since at least 750, when Old High German was spoken, but it continued to develop as a Hungary Business Email List sound well after 1350, when Middle High German was in use. Underscore This is a tricky one, because there isn’t just one underscore. The underscore comes in different lengths, each with their own function.

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These underscores can serve many purposes and Hungary Business Email List appear in multiple ways. Form Name Function.  Division The division is used as a hyphen, hyphen, and ellipsis.  Half closet line Dash, initiating direct speech, in designating a time period or Hungary Business Email List other range. In sports scores, in monetary amounts, as a minus sign † Closet line Dash, initiating direct speech. In designating a time period or other range, in sports scores, in monetary amounts, as a minus sign.

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Underscore The underscore is mainly used in Hungary Business Email List email addresses and URLs, because spaces cannot be used in them. Tilde The playful, twisting tilde is a grapheme , or the smallest usable unit in a writing system. The tilde has countless uses, meaning you’ve seen the tilde hundreds of times in your life even if you don’t realize it. The tilde roughly translates to mean ‘about’ or ‘about’. Depending on the language you speak, the tilde is also place on top of a letter to indicate a Hungary Business Email List change in pronunciation. In Vietnamese, for example, it is read as a kind of crackling rising tone; in the Spanish and Basque languages, the tilde denotes a palatal nasal consonant.


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