How to Make Instagram Stories

Take advantage of the work that influencers do If you are thinking about how to do influencer marketing on Instagram. The best way is through stories, since they are contents that generate more empathy with your community. In addition, if you are going to collaborate with an influencer, you will be benefiting not only from their prestige and ability to influence, but it will also allow you to reach an audience that you would not be able to contact in any other way . This type of marketing strategy based on favoring you of the content published by your followers must be executed with subtlety.

Although in this case the work will be carried out by a person of recognized prestige. Whose stories will make your work much easier. This is how BMW Spain does it thanks to the fact that Andrés Velencoso has one of his cars and has decided to upload Latvia whatsapp number list a story to Instagram. A video recorded in his garage while he was getting into his BMW car, after many weeks confined without being able to use it due. To the coronavirus : upload instagram stories. Document the day-to-day running of your business. We are all a bit nosy and we like to see. How other people work in their businesses or what life is like for people we are interest in or admire.

This Makes a Lot of Sense

Therefore, if you can’t think of how to make a story on Instagram. All you have to do is take your mobile and start recording yourself while you work, play sports or watch a movie . Instagram stories are snapshots and people enjoy seeing those little glimpses into the lives of the brands and people. So when you can’t think of how to make a story on Instagram. Simply start recording your day to day and post it explaining what your activity is like or what your daily work is like in your online store. They do something like this at the Zubi handbag firm to document their day-to-day in their Madrid store with videos and images: surveys for instagram.

Latvia WhatsApp Number List

Introduce your team Another idea that works really well with IG Stories is to introduce your team. This makes a lot of sense, since when people buy online they cannot see the clerks or the people who are in charge of processing their orders, something that does happen in offline sales. Therefore, using Instagram stories to let customers know more about the employees who work in your online store can be a perfect option to increase engagement .

The Argentinian Store Unibow

Store does it beautifully in one of its Instagram highlights, as you can see in these screenshots: duration stories instagram Another example is that of Ikea Spain. Which usually publishes many stories with its employees as protagonists, so that customers get to know the workers of each store a little better. In this case, they have taken advantage of the fact that part of the Malaga store team had a work trip to the headquarters in Sweden to create a lot of curious and funny content. I don’t see the music sticker on instagram 10. Tell stories Storytelling is all the rage because it works exceptionally well for selling products online . Human beings love to be stories.

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