How to Handle Claims, Disputes

Chargeback deal with a dispute Let’s say a customer reports that the product they received looks different than what they expected. You can debate this dispute to death, but what good is it to you? The first step in dealing with a dispute is to ask the customer for a photo of the product so that you can understand exactly what the problem is. Perhaps he says the product arrived in a different color or size than the one depicted on your website. This is why you must have good product photos in your online store. If at first glance the product varies significantly from what your page shows, your best option is to apologize (remember, the customer is always right).

Note: During a dispute with PayPal, it’s easy to get emotional (or later, if it escalates into a complaint). You may think that the client is trying to trick you. Please don’t reply PayPal dispute when you are angry. Have a global vision in mind. Even if Panama whatsapp number list this customer is fraudulent in filing a dispute, isn’t it better to correct them soon, before they leave negative feedback or have your PayPal account closed? It then refunds the purchase once the customer has returned the merchandise. It is much easier to handle the PayPal dispute between you than to let it escalate into a claim.

Once a Dispute Becomes a Claim

And is handled by PayPal’s Resolution Center, you risk repercussions such as a hold on your account or other penalties. Assuming you resolve the issue, the customer can close the PayPal dispute. Please note that it will automatically close after 20 days. When disputes become claims If the dispute is not resolved within the 20-day period, your customer can contact PayPal’s Resolution Center and have it moved to claim. At this point PayPal will step in, investigate the situation and make a decision on the validity of the claim. Please note that once the dispute becomes a claim, you can no longer communicate directly with the customer.

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Even if there are policies in place to protect customers, rest assured, PayPal’s Resolution Center will take care of talking with both parties, so you must provide a detailed explanation of everything that happened: from the initial purchase, to the dispute. Note: Keeping meticulous customer records can be useful for these kinds of reasons. Use Shopify’s Timeline orders to track orders and keep notes that you can refer to later, in case you end up dealing with a PayPal claim. Also, keep email correspondences with customers, as another form of evidence about how the dispute between you developed. The more information you have about an order, the easier it will be to work with PayPal to resolve a claim.

Paypal Evaluates Tracking Codes

Photos of the products packaged with the shipping label, and anything else that proves you shipped exactly what you promised. Don’t forget to read PayPal’s chargeback policy to better understand the subtleties of the details. Paypal chargeback policy How to Respond to a PayPal Chargeback Another drawback to be aware. When selling online is the PayPal chargeback. PayPal chargebacks are a particular concern for dropshipping sellers. As there are multiple steps to the shipping process, and shipping times are typically longer than with other types of e-commerce.

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