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Then click on the target group you want to create. Custom predictive Belgium Phone Number List audiences google analytics 4 Google Analytics 4 itself creates the target groups based on user behavior on the site. Want to create custom audiences based on predictions? Then follow the next steps; Click the create custom audience feature . You’ll find this feature above the suggested Belgium Phone Number List audiences. Then click on new condition . Choose the predictive option from the drop-down menu. Choose one of the conditions.

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Then click on filter and a pop-up will appear Belgium Phone Number List where you can configure conditions for the prediction. By default, the top 20% of the chosen condition is selected. Adjust this percentage and save the custom audience. Predictive audiences ga4 Always take into account the effect of your adjustments to the target groups. Especially if you work with less data, the effects of your adjustments cannot deliver the desired result or turn out worse. For example, targeting a predicted Belgium Phone Number List audience with a top 10% chance of purchases will be more successful if you have 500,000 visitors per month than 4,000.

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Using the Predictive Audience in Google Ads Now Belgium Phone Number List that you’ve created the predictive audiences in Google Analytics 4, you most likely want to use them in Google Ads. If your GA4 is linked to Google Ads, the new audiences will appear between the other audiences. In principle, you do not need to do any extras. Happy testing! Effective campaigns in Google Ads a good foundation Would you like to receive more tips about effective advertising in Google Ads? During the Belgium Phone Number List Google Ads training. Yyou will learn about the most important functionalities for your company or organization. Discover which keywords are relevant to you and

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