How to Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit Getting Started

According to an article by Small Business Trends, only 40% of small businesses are successful. 30% break even and 30% lose money. This is a problem for many business owners, and a contributing factor is the lack of a solid online marketing presence. In fact, 83,300 businesses in the US close each year due to ineffective marketing. For those who do not fail, they are more effective if they have a solid understanding of their digital marketing footprint.

This is where conducting a digital marketing audit comes in. As a business owner, knowing you need a digital marketing audit, and knowing how to  Australia Phone Number List do it, are two completely different things. The purpose of this blog post is to guide you on what to identify when trying to audit your online presence. But first, before you start, you need to figure out two caveats. You’ll want to know who your audience is, and you’ll want to know what your goals are. Who is your ideal audience? You may experience great value in your marketing campaigns. But will these activities really be seen by the people you want to connect with? If not, you may be missing out on potential customers.

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So, identify your ideal audience, and when you do an audit, see if the marketing you’re doing is right for your audience. Creating marketing or buyer personas can be very helpful in answering the first question. What are your marketing goals? If this has not been clearly identified   you are likely to miss out. For opportunities, that means missing out on business growth, leads, revenue, and ultimately profitability. However, if you’ve outlined your goals, keep those goals in mind when reviewing your digital marketing footprint. While you may have some attractive ads, content, or other forms of marketing, if what you’re doing doesn’t support your goals, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Where to start?

You’ll find a lot of elements to look at when doing a review. However, when you start your digital marketing footprint, we recommend you check out the following. General Online Audit Factors Assuming you have a website, a large portion of your audit will involve your website. If you find problems with your site that need to be fixed, it will be difficult to correct them if you don’t have permission to make actual changes. Also, you want to be able to see the performance of your website.

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