How to Apply Proven Behavioral Psychology

The latter does not have a large advertising Liechtenstein Email List network. The fact that Google is also switching to cookieless tracking is, therefore, more necessary. But I do think that Google will find a good solution that may also work better than the now rather blunt method that Apple uses. In terms of browser technology, Google has not been sitting still either. In 2020, two Liechtenstein Email List important developments came to the market. Server Side Tracking Google Tag Manager launched its Server Side Tracking in beta in 2020.

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Data-driven Marketing

As a result, the popularity of this phenomenon will grow in the near future. Server Side Tracking has a particular impact on the security and speed of the data flows between website and user. There are techniques that ensure that the rules of ITP can be circumvented. But this is not its primary function. The most important functions are to have all scripts and pixels loaded on your own web server instead of loading everything externally.

Don’t Let Me Go Crazy

This has the advantage that the website manager has greater control over what is loaded on his website. External scripts, plugins, etc. have less influence. This benefits the speed of the website and the privacy of the user. SameSite attribute To combat cross-site request forgery (CSRF), Chrome introduced its SameSite attribute for cookies. CSRF is a technique to abuse the loading of cookies. Cookies are sent by default with every http request, even if the request comes from an external URL.

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