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Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Model Comparison Palestine Email List Tool. In addition to a standard attribution model, also select one or two newly created attribution models of yourself (see image). Screenshot of Google Analytics with custom attribution models, for comparison. As can be seen in the image above, I have set two different custom attribution models against a default Palestine Email List position based attribution model. You will then see how each MCF channel group changes based on the compared attribution models.

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While Google Analytics is not able to fully measure Palestine Email List cross-devices. You can identify trend analysis and macro shifts of channels that you are now undervaluing because ‘direct traffic’ has taken over this value. For this customer, the three most important outcomes are we overvalue direct traffic by +/- 40%. We undervalue the channel email by +/- 11%. We Palestine Email List  undervalue social by 15% This means that you can immediately invest more time. Money and resources on the email and social channels.

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These ultimately contribute to more direct Palestine Email List traffic and therefore more conversions. Take-aways and recommendations Based on the information in this article. You now (hopefully) know that. Direct traffic is almost always affect by another channel Couchpoint in the conversion path.  You can create a ‘custom attribution model’ in Google Analytics. The value of any Palestine Email List channel or conversion path is not properly attributed (default) in Google Analytics. You should get start with (several) colleagues to

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