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The answer is with dough, creating an application is not cheap, especially if you want to build something of quality. If you are going to build an app, it is better to make an initial investment large enough for it to function properly, otherwise you will be throwing money away. Users are not patient or understanding with us. For them to use your app, it has to be well optimized, reduce loading times as much as possible, be intuitive, don’t bombard you with advertising, don’t ask you to register with a gazillion fields, etc.

Try how much does it cost my and you will understand why Off-Metadata aspects are expensive. Analytical attribution Surely if you launch an app it is to get something in return, be it sales, databases, leads or any kind of advantage for your business. To enhance these advantages, it is South korea phone number to obtain information from your users to know how they behave and act accordingly. Well, to get all the necessary information there is a tool, the so-called SDK,

Which Are The Projection Of The Pixels South Korea Phone Number

Of web pages but in mobile applications. With this tool we can measure the user’s interaction with the app with greater precision. It provides us with valuable data such as the origin of the download, time of use, geographical location, device, etc. An example of the great utility of an SDK is knowing the quality of the user gained according to the acquisition method. For example, we have obtained 3 users via advertising on Instagram and 10 via Google Ads. A priori we think that the investment in

Google Ads is better, because observing the SDK information, we realize that the three users via Instagram made in-app purchases compared to a single user of the 10 obtained by Google. The latter, extrapolated to thousands of downloads, greatly changes the marketing strategy to be applied. User loyalty If you want your application to not be “throwaway”, you need to give the user that necessary added value to keep him coming back. As for this, I am not only referring to how well built the application is, that is the minimum; if not to the purpose of the app.

The Application Must Have A Meaning Important South Korea Phone Number

Enough for the user to show interest. Once you achieve this, actions that  encourage the use of the mobile application come into play. These can be rewards for entering regularly or push notifications for example. Through these actions you remind your user that the application is installed. There and you subconsciously encourage him to use it. It is proven that push notifications. Often do not have a direct impact at the moment, but in an average period of time. The difference between sending them or not is noticeable.

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