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With the arrival of this new type of container in Belarus Business Email List Google Tag Manager. It becomes a lot more accessible and therefore more popular. What is server side tagging? In short, server-side tagging is a new way to place pixels on your own website. This can do via Google Tag Manager , but can also be use via other systems. Not familiar Belarus Business Email List with Google Tag Manager yet? Then it is useful to start at the beginning. Let me first explain how the old way, client side tag management , works: Client-side tag management Via Google Tag Manager it is possible to leave a piece of code (pixel) on your website.

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Google Tag Manager then collects the data and Belarus Business Email List forwards it to the respective platforms whose pixel is, such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads or Facebook. In this case, Microsoft Ads, Facebook or Google Analytics is the final destination of the data. You can then use this data in Google Analytics, for example, to keep track of your Belarus Business Email List website statistics or use the data to follow up website users on advertising platforms such as Bing or Facebook. The collect data can therefore be use in this way for marketing purposes.

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This all happens in the browser (client-side). From Belarus Business Email List the client side , the data is sent directly to the relevant platform. Also read: Online privacy & tracking: you should know these techniques and changes Server side tag management Since a while it is also possible to do this on the server side . It then no longer all goes through the browser, Belarus Business Email List but first through its own server (database) in the cloud. So on the side of the website owner. You therefore add an extra layer in the process, as it were, and thus manage your own data.


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