History of Dogecoin Was Created by Two Technical Geniuses

Dogecoin’s mascot is the infamous Shiba Inu, which has become a cryptocurrency meme over the past decade. So let us give you a full history lesson on the birth of Dogecoin and what happened on the current date and what is Dogecoin. Dogecoin seems to be one of the leading coins in today’s market. Many users now know that Elon Musk is a huge fan and may tweet some here and there to push the price of the coin higher. After the last pump at shill fest, it could happen again and see the coin hit a target of $1 at the potential peak of the bull run in late 2021. Many companies also allow users to pay with Dogecoin for various items on their sites. They accept Dogecoin payments simply because it is a very popular cryptocurrency and a lot of people love it.

The Creators Of Dogecoin Are Bill Marcus And Jackson Palmer

The creators of Dogecoin are Bill Marcus and Jackson Palmer. The two teamed up to create Dogecoin, which was released to the world on December 6, 2013. At the time Bill Markus was working at IBM and Jackson Palmer was working as a software Austria Phone Number List engineer at Adobe. Originally, Palmer was the one who bought the domain name for Dogecoin and created splash screens for users. It was then that Marcus contacted Palmer and Dogecoin development began. So if you want to pay some local retailers in Dogecoin, check out their website as they may accept it. There are also many Dogecoin payment gateways available.

Dogecoin Launches A Few Weeks History Full Of Interesting

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Dogecoin has a long history full of interesting and exciting information. A few weeks later, on December 19, 2013, Dogecoin made some huge gains in 3 days. The price went from a paltry $0.00026 to a staggering $0.00095, a price increase of 300%.  During this period, Dogecoin’s trading volume surpassed the one billion coins mark. However, the pump was short-lived as China decided to ban Bitcoin in their country. This led to a massive panic, and 3 days later the token saw its first price crash, dropping 80% in price. The Dogecoin historical chart is promising as it shows that Dogecoin can unexpectedly reach its all-time high. However, even in 2021, the price of Dogecoin may rise, the $1 figure everyone dreams of is still a long way off.

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