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In this training, rated 8.5, you will receive practical Netherlands Phone Number List tools from content expert Cor Hospes to create, drive and distribute strong stories about – and for – your own organization. Want to know more or start soon? Although blogging has been around for a while, it is still a popular way to share information. One thing is certain, blogging is not dead, and there Netherlands Phone Number List are many reasons to start a blog. You can start a blog as a hobbyist, as a freelancer or as a business. In this article I will mention 9 benefits that apply to all three groups.

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But because I feel the Frankwatching readers are mainly Netherlands Phone Number List entrepreneurs and marketers, I emphasize the benefits of blogging for companies. Reason 1. Blogging is good for your SEO Google rewards websites that regularly post new content on their site by ranking them higher in the search results. The optimal way to let Google know that your website is not Netherlands Phone Number List lazy is to write a monthly blog article. More often, of course. In short: blogging is great for your SEO ! A good example.

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Cycling De Geus This bicycle shop from Antwerp is Netherlands Phone Number List prominently featured on page 1 in Google for all relevant keywords. Their very active blog certainly contributed to that . Cycling De Geus writes a blog post at least once a month, and preferably even weekly. And then there are also articles with a lot of words, in which something useful is always shared. They Netherlands Phone Number List don’t take it easy and Google appreciates that. start blogging An excerpt of the blog overview of Cycling De Geus Reason.

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