Hemorrhoid-like Float Chases

Different studies indicate that more than half of the population, has Egypt WhatsApp Number List or will have hemorrhoids. It is a very common ailment, but it does not have to affect day-to-day life, according to the new television campaign. The Anso anti-hemorrhoidal ointment , from Lacer Laboratories. The main ad of the action, developed by Counterpoint BBDO , is aim at showing. How much they suffer from hemorrhoids, people can avoid their discomfort and continue with their routines. In this way, in the spot we see a floater that plays the role of hemorrhoids . This persecutes the protagonists of the piece in all their activities. From cycling Egypt WhatsApp Number List to work, running or preparing for a theater performance, this article becomes the faithful companion in any activity.

Protagonists of This Fun Spot

However, on each of these occasions we see how Egypt WhatsApp Number List people manage. Avoid the float so that it does not chase them anymore. At the end, we see how it deflates in the foreground. The background, blurred, we see a runner walking away exercising. ” Leave the hemorrhoids behind with Anso “, says the narrator of the clip, announcing the title of the clip. The objective of the campaign is to give visibility to this ailment and speak from empathy. Likewise, it aims to explain the benefit of the product in a visual way, with that float. From the hand Egypt WhatsApp Number List of Pedro Alonso, director of Possible Films, the audiovisual is produc.

The Curious Case of Shrinking French Fries

Fries are much more than a mere garnish and Egypt WhatsApp Number List have enough substance to eaten alone. And even when they are accompanied by what seems to be coming soon to his better half, the hamburger, it is not very clear which is the main course, the meat or the fries. However, and despite the fact that French fries are gobbl up with absolute delight throughout the globe (particularly in fast food chains), in recent months brands such as McDonald’s and KFC to start rationing them. The shortage of French fries this week forced the McDonald’s subsidiary in Indonesia to Egypt WhatsApp Number List start skimping on this tasty food . In the Asian country, customers of the yellow arches brand can currently only order medium or small potatoes “as a result of the limited availability” of this product.

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