Heineken 0.0 Takes the Bull

Going out for a drink does not have to be synonymous with drinking El Salvador WhatsApp Number List alcohol. That is the main message that the new Heineken 0.0 campaign wants to convey. That “gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy moments of leisure without the need to consume alcohol.” From a pleasant perspective, the spot ‘Toast without Alcohol. Now You Can’ aims to combat that feeling of exclusion or feeling out of place that is often experienced by people who choose not to drink alcohol on social occasions. Because things are changing in society, or so Heineken El Salvador WhatsApp Number List believes, which states that the consumption of non-alcoholic beer is moving from “individual and daytime” occasions to others of a “more social and nocturnal” nature.

That Brings Mcdonald’s Kfc

At the same time, this campaign breaks stereotypes around El Salvador WhatsApp Number List the toast and the correct way to do it for good luck. The main piece of the campaign recreates a journey through history with different fictional situations centered on the celebration . From the Viking Age, through the Roaring 20s in New York, the spot continues to present day showing different types El Salvador WhatsApp Number List of toasts . Thus, with a touch of humor, the campaign focuses on the moment of toasting and shows a protagonist who, instead of opting for the “boring” soft drink, happily toasts with a Heineken 0.0 beer.

Non-alcoholic beer boom

This new campaign follows in the footsteps of the El Salvador WhatsApp Number List previous ‘Now You Can’ campaign , which positioned Heineken 0.0 as the “perfect drink” for times not traditionally associated with beer consumption, such as after playing sports, driving or working. In addition to a 20-second piece , ‘Toast without Alcohol. Now You Can’ features social assets, television and digital banners, which will also launch throughout 2022 in other countries, including Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Poland and the United States. Bram Westenbrink, Global El Salvador WhatsApp Number List Brand Director of Heineken , in line with this new campaign has commented.

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