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The data traffic on websites is kept low. The video Denmark Phone Number List is only loaded when someone clicks on the thumbnail. Why should you pay attention to a video thumbnail? When you put a video online, the platform automatically generates a thumbnail for you. The second image of this article is such an auto-generated Denmark Phone Number List thumbnail. And as you noticed, this image isn’t exactly appealing. As a result, the chance that you would click on it is very low. Because why would you, if the sneak peek doesn’t already look.

Denmark Phone Number List
The Number of Stories

And that is of course a shame if you have a Denmark Phone Number List fantastic video, with interesting content. Your thumbnail is therefore the business card of your video. This also means that the thumbnail should accurately Denmark Phone Number List reflect what someone can expect from your video, in an appealing way. The first impression counts. And that’s exactly why popular videos on YouTube deliberately use.

Are They Pinned in the Highlights

Also read: 12 tips when setting up your Denmark Phone Number List business YouTube channel [infographic] In fact, did you know that 90 percent of all top-watched videos on YouTube use a custom thumbnail? And that is not without reason. It immediately urges you to watch the video because it instantly grabs your attention among all the other videos. And that is of course what you

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