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Or would you rather reach the die-hard gamer who could use Niue business email list a healthier boost than a can of Red Bull? Tell how that first sip provides relief, tickles the uvula or ensures optimal focus. Wake up your reader’s taste buds your way. Add Gustafori (taste) as a sense in your text.  Tactile (feeling) Finally, there is the physical feeling that you can give your reader. You use Niue business email list tactile imagery for that. A good example of this was recently performed by Durex. You know that messing around with condoms right before the act?

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You will eventually feel it even Niue business email list less. But that’s all in the past thanks to Durex Nude. Go with this for the real skin-to-skin feeling. Like doing it without a condom. Their readers probably know the feeling of having sex with and without a condom. So they try to imagine how the act with a condom feels the same as without. That’s exactly where you want Niue business email list your reader with tactile language. Add tactile (feeling) to your blog. Combine those senses As I type this text, I feel my fingers tapping on the keyboard.

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I look at the screen, I smell the tangerine Niue business email list peel of my freshly peeled tangerine, I taste several cups of coffee and I hear cars speeding past through the open window. As a human, your senses all work together. Constantly. And that’s how it ultimately Niue business email list works in your texts. Try to play with the different types of imagery and focus on specific senses. Think carefully beforehand which sense you want to stimulate the most and think of details that contribute to this.

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