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But what surprises me is that the fact that publishers of Tonga Email List do this gets so little attention. In short: it is so quiet on this subject. Implementing this measure is still a bit of a challenge. That is why there are so-called copyright licensees who do this for the publishers DPG and Mediahuis. Those intermediaries then go to the media monitoring parties and Tonga Email List they again go to a PR and marketing agency like ours. And we are then kindly but urgently requested to explain this to our customers.

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 Best and Worst European Championship

Who decides what you read, see and listen to? We ensure Tonga Email List that our customers appear in the media and that their organizations are written about. We share those articles with our customers and they in turn with their supporters. Sharing articles is, therefore, an essential part of our work. It is therefore not surprising that the media monitoring parties Tonga Email List come to us. It is strange that we have to be the messengers of something that we did not come up with ourselves. Don’t get me wrong.

Inhakers in a Row

We are also in favor of this and we also ‘live’ off good Tonga Email List media and their editors, so we like to do it. And our customers also see that this is necessary because they also benefit from high-quality media platforms. But why hasn’t the conversation about this been Tonga Email List going on for a while? This could have been explained with a few good, clear articles. And then we would only have had to head it in to our customers. Publishers pay per article Anyway, I wonder why there hasn’t been a lot of talk about paying for news for some time now.

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