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In a way that suits you If you want to earn money with Realtor Email List your podcast. It is important that you do it in a way that suits you. So it is important to consider the following questions before choosing a revenue model: Want to monetize your podcast? How do you want to Realtor Email List monetize your podcast? And how much money do you want to make with your podcast? Doing something that does not suit you will at some point work against you and that is of course a waste of your precious time and energy.

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So on to those revenue models. Earning model 1: your Realtor Email List podcast it self . This first revenue model sounds like an open door, but I see that many podcast makers still do not realize that their podcast is a sustainable instrument with which they build a personal and powerful bond with their listeners. With a podcast you create a unique stage for yourself and your message. This will Realtor Email List help you build a loyal fan base. That makes your podcast a magnet for your ideal customers who then convert.

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This does not only work if you have your own Realtor Email List company and are self-employed. It can just as well be part of a larger whole, such as a foundation or a larger company. Then you also have a unique message, knowledge and/or expertise that you can share via your podcast and with which you can turn prospects into customers or donors. Also read: 10 striking podcast trends that experts can’t stop talking about Earning model 2: advertising and sponsoring To advertise Placing Realtor Email List advertisements in your podcast is still in its infancy in the Netherlands, but is already widely used in countries such as America.


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