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Recently, much attention has been pay to writing in simple Loadrunner Protocol Email List Dutch. This is an excellent development. However, I don’t think this should be an end in itself. Your target group determines at what level it wishes to be addressed. Clear writing can’t hurt, but don’t go too far and certainly don’t address your target group too infantile. Jargon, or not? For example, most Loadrunner Protocol Email List fanatics in the ‘B1 camp’ want you to write without professional jargon (better, by the way: jargon or jargon, but this aside).

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I think the use of jargon is fine in some cases. For example, in a Loadrunner Protocol Email List text aimed at car mechanics, the words ‘valve wedge locking’ and ‘homokinet’ can safely be used. I wouldn’t present words like ‘macrame patterns’ and ‘edge stitches’ to this target group again, without any explanation. Writing in clear language also includes explaining difficult words and abbreviations. Alternate sentence length Also make sure that you keep the length of the sentences clear: most sentences Loadrunner Protocol Email List should contain between 10 and 15 words.

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But beware: alternate short sentences with long sentences. Even Loadrunner Protocol Email List if you are writing for the less skilled reader. The use of only short staccato sentences is not desirable. First of all, it is hideous and secondly, it is not pleasant to read even for the basic user. Even if you are writing for the less skilled reader: the use of only short staccato sentences is not desirable. Make Loadrunner Protocol Email List sure your longer sentences are clearly structured. This way you can make sure that the most important thing comes first in your sentence.


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