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Apply nuances Perhaps the most difficult and Iran Phone Number List therefore most underestimated step is actually analyzing all the collected data. Because where do you start? What should you pay attention to? What is important and what can you possibly ignore? It is important that you apply the right nuances to Iran Phone Number List the large chunk of data. The third step in the model for a good environmental analysis. How do you do that? Here too we have four suggestions for you.

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Pattern What kind of patterns do you see when Iran Phone Number List you look at all the data through your eyelashes? Which reaction or sentiment is more common than others? What things can you connect with each other? Highlights Sometimes one message or reaction can be more valuable or riskier for your organization Iran Phone Number List than a hundred of the same messages or reactions. You should therefore certainly not ignore this in your environmental analysis. Source influence One source is not the other.

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It makes a difference whether your organization’s Iran Phone Number List is discussed by a Twitter with 100 or 100,000 followers. Therefore, you should also thoroughly understand the influence that a certain source has on the stakeholders that are relevant to you. Validation To what extent can you rely on data from external Iran Phone Number List sources? Is the interpretation that a newspaper gives of a residents’ meeting correct? Validate this data by checking with colleagues or stakeholders who attended the meeting.

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