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Many organizations will therefore opt for a hybrid setup for the Germany Business Fax List time being. A ‘normal’ GTM container on the site and a server-side container. 3. Predictive algorithms become commonplace Previously, you had to hire a scientist and set up your own data warehouse to use AI. But in the near future, these functions will appear in common tools such as Google Analytics. In GA4, Germany Business Fax List  the following predictive metrics are currently already available: Chance of purchase Chance of User Attrition Yield forecast.

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This makes it possible to target audiences where the chance Germany Business Fax List of conversion is very high. Or exclude target groups where the chance of conversion is very low. At the moment, there are still conditions attached: several thousand visitors are needed on the basis of which Germany Business Fax List the algorithm can make a forecast. 4. The ‘regular’ Google Analytics users are moving to Google Data Studio dashboards We can refer to Google Analytics users globally in 2 different groups.

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Google Analytics 4 is currently mainly a tool Germany Business Fax List for experts. And that is not strange. The number of reports has been drastically reduced. In many cases you have to make a custom report yourself and that is a significant threshold for many people. For a large part of the ‘normal’ Analytics users, using GA4 is a big hurdle. For that reason, I expect a significant shift in Germany Business Fax List the use of Google Analytics towards Google Data Studio. GA4 remains the standard in data collection. But reporting and analyzing that data will increasingly happen in tools like Google Data Studio.


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